As Minnesotans we’re blessed with more than 10,000 lakes to enjoy. For many of us that means we have a weekend getaway, usually up north, where we can relax and unwind in nature’s bounty and beauty. For even fewer of us, we call the lake home. If you’ve ever thought about making your home a place on the lake then you’ll want to consider living on Lake Minnetonka. NIH Homes has two custom homes available on Lake Minnetonka – Bartlett Boulevard and Bay Ridge Road in Mound. Living on the lake isn’t for everyone, but for those who make this their way of life, there are many benefits of lake living.

Benefits of Lake Living

You’re Already at the Lake – Forget sitting in traffic on a Friday afternoon as you try to head to the lake for a relaxing weekend. You’re already there. There’s no packing and unpacking the car. No stops at the grocery store to pick up all the things you forgot for the weekend and no doing it all in reverse on Sunday.

Lake Lifestyle Everyday – When you live on the lake you come home each day to an oasis. You may still be in the city, but your mind can unplug so much easier just by walking out on the dock or even looking out at the lake from the window. It’s so much easier to leave a stress filled day behind when you can unwind with the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

No Need for a Cabin – By living on the lake you don’t need a cabin. There’s no travel and especially no additional responsibility of maintaining another home. No additional property taxes either.

Peace and Quiet – Living on the lake means you get to enjoy the solitude that comes from lake living every day. You have neighbors, but not as dense as you might living in the city or the suburbs.

No Worry – NIH Homes are designed and built for the lifestyle you want to lead. Our homes come equipped with all the amenities from wired in features to sport courts. No matter what you need, we can design the home that suits your family and your needs. No cookie-cutter homes.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of lake living, contact Brian Benson to schedule your tour of these beautiful new homes on Lake Minnetonka.

Brian Benson

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